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Y.E.S is an acronym that stands for " Youth, Engaging, Socially ". Per our surveys and research conducted we have come to the conclusion that COVID-19 and the advancement of technology caused a massive decline within personal interaction with the younger generations peers outside of school, and that is only if students aren't still attending a virtual institution.

In June of 2022, DBA Academy of Arts & Development is hosting a weekend of inspiration and empowerment for the community and surrounding cities FREE for students 11 years of age to 18. Many parents voiced their concerns requesting an event for their younger children. After much consideration and research, our team developed a plan of action for those under the age of 11 years old.


Y.E.S Day will be a day of fun, but also development for our young attendees. They will be pushed mentally and physically through science, mathematics, art, and athletics. Students in attendance will be shown how to work in groups, encourage their peers, and know that they can overcome tasks that are challenging by putting their minds together and pushing towards the end goal.

Parent/Guardian & Attendee Rules

  • All Children in attendance MUST be pre-registered 

  • Attendees MUST be ages 5-10 

  • Attendees must stay within assigned specific age timing (Session 1: Ages 5-7 and Session 2: Ages 8-10)

  • Parents are allowed to leave, However a $75 fee will be charged towards late parents. After 15 minutes of being late an Additional $10 will be added every 10 minutes. 

  • Attendees must stay in assigned groups at ALL times.

  • Attendees must wear sneakers! NO open toed shoes. 

  • Attendees must be FULLY potty trained and self-sufficient

  • If parent or guardian would like to stay on site, parents must stay in the viewing area at all times. Due to child safety. If rule is broken, authorities may be called pending situation.

  • Attendees must be checked in and checked out at registration table

  • Attendees will not be released to anyone who's name is not on the attendees documentation. 

  • Parent must provide child birth certificate upon check-in  

  • IF you did not receive a ticket your child(ren) WILL NOT be permitted on grounds 

  • Tickets are transferable within same age category but must be done by contacting DBA Academy Staff.



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