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Mentoring & Development

What is Lock On Purpose?

Locked on Purpose is a mentoring program created to assist young ladies ages 13 to 17 as they develop into young women. Each mentee will be paired with a mentor that will assist them in becoming the person they dream and aspire to be. Each of our mentors are women under 30 years of age that impact a variety of fields in positions such as doctors, are engineers, fitness trainers, entrepreneurs, and more!
Mentees will participate in weekly sessions, daily conversations and monthly group activities that will assist them in building their community of support within their peers and self-development.  Students will develop a plan for career development while understanding how to overcome emotional situations and more. Mentees will learn and develop how to be secure in who they are and want to be as well as ultimately learn how to be LOCKED on purpose and not their problems. Students will additionally venture on trips and participate in activities that will broaden their minds and allow them to see the world on a larger scale. 

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