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What is Lights Across The Sky?

When you look outside at night, what is the one thing you can see when you look up? It's the stars in the sky. It gives us proof of life! It is the one thing no matter your financial status, race, gender, religion, or even country that unites us around the world as one. 

The best thing is that no star is the same and no person is the same. However, at the end of the day, we all have the same purpose and goal in life and that is to be able to wake up the next day shining and looking forward to something to put a smile on our faces.


Lights Across the Sky is a program that was established to bring people together through music, raffles, and joy. This program consists of a holiday toy and coat giveaway for impoverished youth and families. This program allows people of all ages to come together and not worry about anything except having a joyful and fun time as one during the holidays, united like the sky full of stars.

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