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JUNE 11TH, 2022




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Every individual, no matter their race or age has a dream. This session is built to help students discover their dreams within themselves to build a realistic plan to reach them. During this session, students will be taught how to grow in social and emotional learning, define and establish their values, manage their emotions, and grow in resilience. All of these are necessary to successfully walk in your purpose!

Once a person knows what their dreams are, it's up to them to believe that those dreams are attainable. This requires believing in yourself, setting the right goals, and being proactive. Students will break off into groups to talk about the personal battles each of them may face and students will be pushed to visualize their dreams and goals.

The final yet most important piece of the puzzle is actually achieving. To attain anything, it takes action! Many youth have not been activated in their own level of courage and faith to move towards the goals they've set. Knowledge will be imparted into the students to initiate the process. Personal experiences, failures and successes will be shared to show how it is to be a living example and that anyone can truly achieve their dreams.

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Who can attend DBA Teen Summit? Are there any age restrictions?

All attendees must be 11 years or older on or before June 11th,2022 (max age is 17 years old) and registered.

What the registration fee for DBA Teen Summit?

DBA Teen Summit is a free of charge event. There are no fees associated with attending. However, every attendee must register and have a ticket for entry.  

What steps are DBA Academy of Arts & Development taking to combat the COVID-19 pandemic?

All staff, volunteers, and attendees will undergo am assessment and have their temperature taken upon arrival.


Where will the DBA Teen Summit take place?

The Teen Summit will take place on Saturday, June 11 in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. The exact location will be released after completion of registration.

Will food be provided?

Continental Breakfast, Lunch, and Snacks will be available for all of our registered attendees. 

Is transportation provided?

Attendees are responsible for handling their own transportation. 


What should I wear?

Whatever you like! What's most important is that you're comfortable, modest, and respectful.

I have another question that's not answered here. How can I ask it?

Please email us at, and we’ll respond as soon as possible.

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