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For more than 10 years, DBA Academy's Founder has tirelessly worked and united behind the scenes to push the vision and community efforts of partner organizations with similar goals and missions as ours. Now it's time to launch into the unknown. 


 DBA Academy of Arts & Development takes each dreamer individually and assists them in the process of expounding on their dream and assisting in raising their belief in themselves, so that it can come to life. Transformation and training begins as the participant develops a plan of action to achieve the dream and succeed in not only life, but assist them in changing their narrative and giving hope back to the community around them.


DBA participants are encouraged to create positive change in their personal lives and communities through various learning sessions, training, and hands-on developmental activities. Each dreamer will learn how to alter the trajectory of their futures, as well as transform their relationships with their families, peers, community, and city as a whole. This in turn will allow them to embark on a journey to change the world. 

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 Elijah Ellis-

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DBA Academy of Arts & Development would not be possible without the help and guidance of WeServU of PA; a non-profit organization based out of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. WeServU of PA has mentored and assisted with the development of Dream Believe Achieve Academy. WeServU of PA has made it their mission to serve families of Dauphin and York County through filling the needs of low-income families, inner city youth and the homeless. 

DBA Academy plans to continue partnering with other community organizations and programs. Together we can continue to  train, equip, encourage, and inspire our youth into knowing the sky has no the limit and they were created to win, and be pushed into endless possibilities. Now together lets DREAM, BELIEVE, and ACHIEVE!

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